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compulsory learning

you don't learn what you want to learn

The belief that the current German school curriculum is necessary for life is unfounded + false. Most things you learn by personal experience motivated by free will. For example kids who don't attend school yet, also learn to read and write if they want to. In school, children can't study things in which they are interested in or which are important to them, because most teachers give classes strictly and to plan, without any regard for the joy and interest of the kids. This disturbs the natural development (look in the constitution) and the collecting of experiences. This makes the learning ineffective.

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mass classes

Too many kids in one classroom

In school a high number of kids has to carry on together in a room daily, having nearly no motion. It is proved that you become agressive by this. That's no way to learn. For learning it's also important to collect personal experience, but this is nearly impossible, because you can't concentrate or be alone there.

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selection of students

only kids of the same age

It's boring if there are only kids of the same age in one class. So you don't get to know other behaviour and other age-levels. Students of different ages could learn from each other and they could support each other.

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cussed time-table

The time students need to understand the new subject-matter is very different and hardly possible to plan. A fixed time-table disturbs lots of students' learning processes. It burdens most students that they can't have enough sleep.

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single ruler

the teacher has the power

In case of a quarrel the students rarely have a chance to win. You can hardly defend yourself against teachers, who do bad classes, are unfair or who don't like you. The teacher can apply a lot of pressure by bad grades -> bad certificate -> no school-leaving certificate -> bad chances for a job. Missing equality of right makes the learning much more difficult.

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thought control

to be that way like other people want you to be

School doesn't exist only for learning. It also likes to show (train on) the students how they have to behave, what's right / wrong / good / bad. It wants to turn the students into model citizens. Not only the freedom of opinion, but also the freedom of thought is menaced, because the kids not only should say what the teachers want to hear, but they also should believe that it is right.

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uninteresting content

In most subjects, kids shall understand the subject-matter, which often is of no interest to them, only with their thought-ability and memory. Usually the teacher stands in front of the class and talks and talks. The subject-matter has to be learnt from a mountain of copies and books. Dreaming, playing, exploring the things of the world - that's not possible in school.

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virtual world

learning behind walls

Schools want to prepare the kids for life (as though it would only start many years after one's birth). But instead of learning and collecting experiences in pratical life, you normally sit in mostly boring school buildings and they show you videos and copies and specialist experiments... Where do you learn how to manage with other people and how to solve problems the best way? About all this they speak, at best, theoretically in school.

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failings of school

in reality school fails

The often stated aim of school and state to graduate friendly, peaceful and well cultured students is not reached. Many graduates are neither cultured nor peaceful. Satisfaction and peacefulness of graduates is quite low. Even industry and economy are unsatisfied by the graduates. So the reasons for accepting this obligation are undermined. School doesn't fulfil its aim.

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The school nightmare

daily suffering of anxiety and frustration

according to valuation

  • 1/3 of students like attending school and have no problems
  • 1/3 are bored by school, adapt themselves and pass without serious damage
  • for the final third, school is a horrible drag - every single day. For lots a reason to take medication, to drink alcohol or to get ill. Some are even led to suicide by school. What about the "welfare of children" demanded in the constitution?

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No equality of opportunity

Many are left out

The argument that our school system is so good because of the equality of oppurtunity, isn't true. The possibilities that students have depend among other things very much on the parents (time-planning, money, opinion,...) or on the teachers' sympathy to the students.

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terror by grades

everybody has to learn the same

Human beings are different, but all shall learn the same and come to the same terms. By grades they are separated as good or bad. You are blackmailed and forced to learn (either ... or 6). This frightens and takes away the joy. By this learning is made much more difficult.

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part time prison

the obligation to attend

The student is forced by law to attend school: Doesn't matter whether the student feels good or bad there, whether he has problems or he would like to learn elsewhere. To force human beings is a violation. Even inthe out-of-school-parts of life you are given homework. The German compulsory school violates the constitution (again).

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teacher's frustration

teacher are human beings, too

Also a lot of teacher are dissatisfied with the school system and opressed by it. They don't like to go to school either. Some make no effort to teach well. Many teachers are simply unable to deal with the many problems generated by school. Often the students are the victims of these frustrations.

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