Some texts are available in Spanish, Polish, Esperanto, Russian and much more in German.

 Who we are
We are a group of about 20 young people who stand up for equal rights for children. Our main subjects are the right to vote, school and family. But we are also engaging in other subjects that deal with age discrimination, such as child labour and kids and youth protection.
Through public relations work we try to call attention to these subjects and finally to achieve changes in society. We do several campaigns, issue texts, and are invited to events and we are always turning up in different places with displays of information.
We haven our own little meeting room and bureau in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, which is open every afternoon. Our weekly Meeting also takes place there. You can visit us or become active with us. We are also pleased to receive letters (and donations).

There have been activities and/or publications relating to the following topics:

About us

The discrimination of the child - a human rights report

Right to vote without age limit



In this case "education" doesn't mean learning, but giving children instructions instead of allowing them to think for themselves.

Child labour