educational help for parents - typical statements

What is that supposed to be. Go away. You won't get a second helping. Stop jabbering. Say sorry. Why aren't you doing anything. You're too little. Where did you find that. Good boy. Be quiet. Sit up straight. Don't you talk to your parents like that. Behave yourself. Leave it alone. Don't be such a cry-baby. I've already told you a hundred times. Say thank you. It's out of the question. Where were you this time. You ought to be ashamed. If you had a glimmer of understanding. Don't make a face like that. There's no need to be afraid. Haven't you got ears. You eat what's on the table. You've made a nice mess of that. You don't say that. If I catch you again. Do you always have to have the last word. Stop it. That won't do. Pull yourself together. What do you expect. Screaming won't make any difference. Are you deaf. Shake hands with your aunt. You know how dangerous that is. Can't you pay attention. A big girl like you. Save your excuses. Go to bed now. You'll understand when you are older. Take your hands out of your pockets. Big boys don't cry. You'll soon see. You don't understand. Don't be so cheeky. People don't do that. Don't you ever have enough. What will become of you. You only think of yourself. Don't make such a fuss. Look. Don't talk rubbish. Take your finger out of your mouth. Speak properly. Be sensible. Make an effort. That's a new habit you've learnt. Don't whisper. You're fat enough already. Look at the other children. What do you look like. What must other people think. Wash your hands. Clean your shoes. Typical. Do you have to. Lost your tongue. Don't do that. Don't be so rude. If you go on doing that. When I tell your father. Eat up. No buts. You're getting on my nerves. Don't be so greedy. Stop being such a misery. That's the last time. You won't get anything out of me like that. What's that supposed to mean. Can't I ever depend on you. Do you always have to gallop around like that. Don't be so childish. Keep your mouth shut when you are eating. Can't you eat properly. Hurry up. Have you still not understood. If only you would do what I tell you for once. That wasn't a nice thing to say. Sit still. Don't be shy. You must be more outgoing. Pull yourself together. Dont' be so silly. How often do I have to tell you. You will eat every scrap. Don't gobble. Don't dawdle. Elbows off the table. You'll get a smack in a minute. Haven't you got eyes in your head. We don't talk about that kind of thing. Tell me the truth. Aren't you ashamed. You can't tell me that. Won't you listen to me? When you are as old as we are. Go to your room. Don't scream around like that. Can't you think of anything better to do? Don't talk nonsense. Shame on you. Control yourself. I wouldn't have expected that from you. Don't answer back. Dress in something sensible. You'll never be able to look after yourself. I won't have that again. Don't gulp your food. Must you always stick your nose in. Is that how you talk to your father. Don't worry, you can tell the truth to me. Are you trying to blame us. I'm warning you. My dear young lady. Don't drink so fast. Can't you hear? What are you thinking of? You might make an effort. Not so fast. You'll fall in. You always do everything wrong. I'll tell your parents. That's not for you to decide. Say Aaaah. You are already tired. But it tastes lovely. Can't you make up your mind for once. Pay attention. It isn't good for you. Speak when you are spoken to. Don't talk with your mouth full. Don't you dare. I'll help you in a minute. Have you lost your senses? Get out of my sight. Leave it alone. Put it back. What a clever girl. Wipe that grin off your face. Hurry up. What are you waiting for. Say thank you for having me. You'll only break it. Wipe your feet. Grow up. Don't be such a baby. Aren't you going to help daddy. Run along. Get out of my way. Look at your hands. Turn it off. I'll give you something to cry about. What's the matter with you. It doesn't matter. Who do you think you are. Just you wait till we get home. Stop crying. Stop giggling. What have you been up to. What's got into you. Where have you been. Don't tell me that. Stop whingeing. Where are your manners. What will you think of next. Do you want a slap. Granny doesn't want to listen to your silly talk. When I was your age. Snap out of it. You don't know when you're lucky. What do you think you look like. Whine, whine, whine. I've heard that one before. Not so fast. What are you making such a fuss about. What do you think you're doing. Miss Cleverclogs. That's enough of that. Are you coming yet. It won't work. That's enough. This is the end. Do I have to tell you everything three times.

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by Mike Weimann
translated by David Gribble from Sands School