On December 10th 1998 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turned 50 years old. On that occasion we compared the reality for children in Germany with the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights. The result is:

The Discrimination against Child -
a Human Rights Report

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table of contents of the
human rights report

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"Children are human beings, too. Therefore they must have human rights, too. Especially the weak members of a comunity need to be protected by granting them their human rights unrestrictedly. From a human rights' point of view, it is self-evident that children must have equal rights.

'The Discrimination of the Child; a Human Rights Report' indicates the manifold and everyday human rights violations, that are committed in political participation, in schools, in families and in the protection of kids and young people. With an incredible self-evidence most of the human rights, that were written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights published 50 years ago, are violated in the case of children."